Other Music

       Songs made  in my Studio.
                      Click on the titles
-  Alfonsina y el Mar. (Bossa version Arranger MT)Other_Music_files/Manuel_FInal-Project.mp3
-   H. ( New Age )Other_Music_files/monserrat.mp3
-   The Mountain ( Chill Out,)Other_Music_files/the%20mountain.mp3
 - “The Jeremiah Johnson adventures”  (New Age)Other_Music_files/la%20leyenda%20de%20jerimas%20jhons.mp3
-    Blue Song (New Age)Other_Music_files/cancion%20triste.mp3
-   Vuelta ciclista 1992. ( Pop)Other_Music_files/vuelta%20cilcista.mp3
-   Autumn Leaves. (Jazz. Arranger MT)Other_Music_files/Manuel_midterm.mp3
-   Sad Blues. (  Blues )Other_Music_files/zalacas%20blues.mp3
 - “The Sea”  (New Age)Other_Music_files/the%20sea.mp3
- April Day
-Precious Love.  Collaboration with my good friend Athur May.
             Thanks a lot Arthur for being my friend.Other_Music_files/Arthur.mp3
- Feel good